Sunday , April 22 2018

40 Animals Were Told ‘Good Boy/Girl’ And Their Reaction Is Priceless!

Dogs are definitely man’s best friend and we see this through many different interactions between dog and man. One thing that you can be certain about is the fact that dogs and other animals loved to be rewarded or told something nice and these pictures can prove that!


These pics prove that dogs are much more than just another animal. They are truly meant to be with man and we fell more in love with them as we uploaded all of these pics. If you haven’t done this before I would give it a shot and take notice of the before and after expression that your pooch gives.

If you don’t have a dog try it with your cat, bird, or any other animal and I bet you will get a good reaction. Check out these animals and share with your friends!

1. This doggy is such a darling! Before and after picture of being called a “good boy.”


2. I am your master. Not your good boy


3. Did you just call me a good boy? Yayy!

4. You gave me goosebumps human.

5. Good girl? Like I care…

6. He sure changed!

7. Stella is a good girl! Oops, I take my words back!

8. You did not call me a good boy. Oh! Did you?

9. Before and after being called a good dog!

10. I am a good boy. I am a good boy!

11. Who is a good girl?

12. Emily is a good girl!

13. I am a good girl *blush*

14. Good girl you are!

15. Good boy? Huh!

16. Did you call me a good boy?

17. I am a good girl. Hiss!

18. Good girl kitty.

19. Good boy tortoise.

20. Good girl. Good girls!

21. Mama’s good boy!

22. Good girl? Nooo!

23. Aww! Such a cute boy.

24. Good girl arises from cardboard palace.

25. Good girl. Wakey, wakey!

26. Good girl? What is that?

27. This pug is a good boy.

28. Good girl all ears for you.

29. This dog is a good deer.

30. Good girl? Wow! I did not see that coming.

31. A good boy from his tree house.

32. Django’s eyes gleam after being called a good boy.

33. Walli is a good boy and wants a treat.

34. Good girls care less.

35. I am a good boy. Hug me now!

36. Who is a good boy? I don’t know.

37. Good girl. All smiles.

38. Good girl? Who?

39. Simone is a good girl. But lazy.

40. Calling her a good girl cheers her up.

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