Saturday , April 21 2018

17 Things Kids Under 17 Haven’t Heard Of (But They Totally Should)!

We have said it a million times and we will continue to say it because it is the downright truth. Kids these days have no idea! As kids, we had to actually put up with certain things that kids no days will NEVER have to worry about! This list is not comprehensive but still an accurate account of things that kids under 17 haven’t heard of but should.


So check it out and share it with someone that you know who is under 17 and give them a throwback lesson!

1. Cassette Player

Nowadays kids don’t even know what a CD player is let alone a cassette player.


2. Rotary Dial Corded Phone

Dialing a phone like this looks barbaric now!


3. Monica Lewinsky

Something that still to this day haunts the Clintons.

4. 16 Bit and Under Gaming

This is what started it all! Kids today are so spoiled and they don’t even know it!

5. Pencil Sharpeners

You mean you actually hard to sharpen your pencil?

6. Fax Machines (The old school version)

These old-school fax machines were so cool back then!

7. The Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan!

Some of the best games we ever watched in our life.

8. Currencies before the Euro!

Before the European Union took over currency in Europe.

9. Floppy Disks

These are almost non-existent nowadays.

10. Beanie Babies

For a short time, we thought that collecting these plush toys would one day make us rich.

11. Non-Christian Bale Batman!

The real Batman in my opinion!

12. Electronic Personal Organizers

Nowadays the iPhone does everything for you but back then these were legit!

13. Balancing video games & outdoor activities.

I played outside just as much as I played video games. Kids today have no clue.

14. Taco Bell Chihuahua

Yo quiero Taco Bell!

15. The “real” Iron Man

He was the original.

16. Reading a paper map.

The time before navigation and apps.

17. How America was before 9-11.

America really was a different country before all of the terrorist attacks.

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