Sunday , April 22 2018

11 Movies From The 90s That Had Animals We Fell In Love With!

All good movies are made even better when they feature an animal that manages to steal our hearts as well. The 90s were full of such films and these were the most popular ones from that decade.  Each of them starred an irresistible creature that we still can’t get enough of today. Perhaps you wished that you could teach a flock of birds to fly south, free a killer whale or perhaps you just rooted for a group of unlikely animals who team up to make their way home again. No matter how they were portrayed, the animals in these films were the reason they were successful in the 90s. See for yourself:


1. Homeward Bound – The Incredible Journey (1993).

This group got lost in the woods and manage to find their way home after many misadventures.


2. Beethoven (1992).

This made you wish you had a big dog like this one to mess up your household.


3. Free Willy (1993).

Both the title and the picture lead us to believe that he succeeds in freeing Willy. Even so, we couldn’t wait for the ending!

4. Monkey Trouble (1994).

A monkey who steals cool watches. We all want a monkey now for this reason!

5. Dunston Checks in (1996).

If not a monkey then how about an Orangutan!

6. 101 Dalmatians (1996).

This classic story was done with real Dalmatians this time! We loved it!

7. White Fang (1991).

This wolf and kid survive the wilderness together. It was epic!

8. Shiloh (1997).

After this, we all wanted a Beagle!

9. Babe.

This pig made a believer out of us all.

10. Mighty Joe Young (1998).

An orphaned girl makes friends with this giant gorilla!

11. Fly Away Home (1996).

They needed someone to show them the way home. This was a heartwarming tale that made us think that anything was possible!

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