Saturday , April 21 2018

25 Life Hacks That Look Weird But Totally Work!

Life can be tricky! In fact, life can be downright tough and we think this is the sole reason people have come up with genius hacks of the years to combat the hard things in life! You know, like having too many remotes to keep track of. This is a huge problem in my house and if it were not for this post I would still have the dilemma of not knowing what to do with all of them. Thank you hack Gods!


1. The ultimate universal remote.

You will never lose those pesky remotes ever again!


2. Using peanut butter to keep your dig distracted.

Have you ever tried giving your pup a bath only for them to freak out? Problem solved!


3. Prevent wrapping paper from unraveling.

Use toilet paper rolls to keep them from coming apart.

4. Stop that pesky “sleep mode.”

Put your mouse on top of a watch. The moving hands will keep it awake.

5. “A useful trick if you have no room left on the countertop while cooking.”

How come we didn’t think of this before?

6. Tank tops all on one hanger.

Best this since sliced bread.

7. If you cannot find your funnel use a screwdriver or a stick.

Pour the oil on the stick.

8. Secondary bumper.

It looks ridiculous but it will work.

9. When there is just a little bit left.

Cut the middle out so it all sits at the bottom.

10. “When disassembling items, punch your screws into a piece of cardboard and label the sets. This will help you retain your hardware and remember placement and order for reassembly.”

11. Rubber napkins are amazing at removing unwanted cat hair from the couch.

12. Use your AirPod case as a stand for your iPhone X.

This is quite genius if you ask me. Why buy something extra when you already have the proper tools?

13. Choose wisely!

14. Best way to pack your clothes during a move.

Simply put tall garbage bags over them and tie with the drawstring.

15. Use a piece of dry spaghetti to light that hard to reach wick.

16. Create a mote so ants can’t grab your dog’s food from the bowl.

17. Use your old smartphone as a smart clock instead of throwing it away.

18. “To free up some shelf-space, put magnets in the boxes and hang the boxes on the side of your fridge.”

19. Buy an ice-cold drink if you are hot!

Ok, I’m not really sure where to buy one of these but it’s genius.

20. Not enough room to dry your clothes?

Best way to do it right here…

21. “$5 way to hide all the cables under your TV.”

22. Mark your USB with a marker so you know which side is up.

23. Use a LEGO man to make all of your connections.

24. Use velcro to make sure wires stay secure.

25. No AC at home?

No worries! You just need a duvet cover, a fan, and some creativity.

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