Saturday , April 21 2018

13 Crazy Stupid Things We Did As A Kid!

Back in the 80s, anything and everything was considered fun way before it was decided that it was absolutely unsafe to do!  Laws have even been implemented and items have been taken off the market in order to keep these things that we did in the 80s from ever taking place again!


However, we didn’t think anything of it when we lived it as if there was no tomorrow simply because we didn’t know any better! Take a look at these things that were dangerous for you as a kid:

1. Lawn Darts.

Sharp, flying projectiles ended up being unsafe for us to throw in our front yards.


2. No helmets.

We rode everywhere without fear of cracking our skulls open.


3. No seatbelts.

The inside of the car was like a playpen for all the kids.

4. Sea saw.

A lot of these playground toys were rough on us.

5. Climbing trees.

This was something that we all did every day.  Now, this just looks like bad parenting!

6. Jumping off of the swings.

We would swing as high as possible and then just let ourselves fly off!  It was crazy fun!

7. Playing with Fireworks.

These days, we are aware that bad things can happen but we thought nothing of it back then.

8. Sledding.

We liked going downhill fast!

9. Staying home alone.

We were always coming home from school to an empty house.

10. Toys that will poke your eye out!

We had to have them and promised that we would be careful when handling them.

11. Pogo-Ball.

We would fly off these things and then get back on and try again.

12. Wham-O Slip N’ Slide.

This looked like fun on TV but it was overwhelming in real life.

13. Sliding Down The Stairs.

This was considered an easy form of entertainment on a rainy day.

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