Sunday , April 22 2018

10 Cartoons From The 90s We All Watched!

The 90s created a whole bunch of different cartoons that everyone loved!  They were new, fresh and funny.  Some of them were for little kids and some were meant for the whole family.  This is a list of some of the ones that you can remember watching all the time and absolutely loved!


1. Powerpuff Girls.

Blossom was the leader, Bubbles was the cute one and Buttercup was the toughest one. These sweet little girls were accidentally created in a lab by a Professor and were given superpowers. Afterwards, they gave the job to save Townsville from evildoers.


2. CatDog.

This cat and dog were joined as one creature.  Together they dealt with this odd fact.


3. Johnny Bravo.

This guy was a confident hipster who believed that all women want him. He was dressed in all the right clothes and even did some karate moves.

4. Real Monsters.

These adolescent monsters were in training to be real, grown-up monsters. Together, they studied how to scare humans in school.

5. Rugrats.

This is a group of babies in their own, big world. The whole show was based upon their perspective.  It was cute.

6. Pepper Ann.

She was an awkward teenager who not many people liked because she was nerdy and weird.  But she had a positive attitude.

7. Daria.

She was smart and sarcastic. Nobody seems to remember her name and she doesn’t seem to care.

8. Courage The Cowardly Dog.

His name was courage but he was plagued with paranoia. His owners were an old couple who lives on a farm and he constantly had to save them from their odd enemies.

9. Doug.

When he writes in his journal, he fantasizes that he is a superhero who is saving the world. All kids could relate to him.

10. Hey! Arnold.

His head is in the shape of a football and he goes on adventures to help solve the problems of his friends.

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